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Originally Posted by beatle View Post
in reality is should be based on his chances of winning. more as the better the game he has. if its an even game he should not obviously be allowed to play. and if you give him 30% make sure it isnt for one match but over a certain amount of times he plays if he is ahead money. and usually if you do a 50 50 split or any deal he has to make up losses so you dont end up with him being ahead and you loser. that is a sucker deal.
only fools give a large % on each match unless it is a dead lock and cant lose.
and you only split money after a certain period of time.

overall staking someone who doesnt have their own money to put in the pot is usually a losing deal. only time it works if you are willing to lose money as a favor to the person.

when people ask me to stake them i tell them that if you cant win with your own money why would i think you could win with mine.
what if they dont have any money??
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