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Originally Posted by NH Steve
On the same DVD, Efren crushes Jason Miller in the finals, and in that match he runs 8 & out, 8 & out, and is on his way to another run-out when he falls out of line shooting a ball left-handed, bridging over the stack.

He left himself something like this (on the cuetable

He looked like he was finally done with his string of runouts -- 8, 8, & 9 & out against Alex, and 8 & 8 and out against Miller -- that's 41 balls!! Give or take the ball now and then that his opponent made for him.


he came up with yet another phenomenal position shot

Anyone have a guess?
Bank the three one rail (firmly), spinning the cue ball around the seven & between the seven & one ball for position. Pretty basic agressive one pocket shot, but no telling what Efren might do.
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