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Originally Posted by Cowboy Dennis View Post
Dear Catfish Breath,

If you could read & comprehend the english language as well as you catch fish that nobody wants you would know that what I wrote about "nuthuggers" was not directed at you but at the morons who wrote things like this:

Here are just a few of the comments made concerning SVB's cheating:

...just had a moment...

...made a mistake in the heat of the moment...

...a momentary lapse of morals & good judgement...

...acted irresponsibly...

...a lapse in judgement...

...made an attempt to cheat (but didn't actually cheat since he got caught(my words))...

...made a mistake...

...brain farted...

...error in judgement...

And last but not least, one of my favorite spineless posts from Jay Helfert, what an idiot:

Let's just say Shane made a mistake and lesson learned. And let it go at that. I too like Shane a lot and think he is a great representative for American pool, but even he can make a mistake. Hopefully he learns from this experience that he will always be in the spotlight and people watch everything he does closely (on or off the table!), just like any other public figure. If it had happened to almost any other player on an outside table we'd probably never hear about it.

Now to answer your question about Morra's intent. First of all, what does it matter whether he play-acted or not? SVB is doing the cheating here but I'll show what I think happened from the "tale of the tape".
Secondly, Morra presumably had lost the game so he could only gain from that point on so maybe he knew what he was doing.

Here's what I think happened & the time from the DVD:

00:50:41 One second after SVB gives Morra a nod as if to confirm that's where he played the 3 ball Morra reaches for his balls to return them to the table:

Attachment 6032

00:50:49 SVB grabs the 6 ball as Morra sits down:

Attachment 6033

00:50:52 Morra seems to be listening to someone on the sideline, he's not watching SVB:

Attachment 6034

00:50:56 Morra returns to question SVB:

Attachment 6035

At 00:50:40 SVB gives Morra a nod to confirm that's where he played the 3 ball. 16 seconds later Morra returns to the table to question SVB. Morra was told something by someone on the sideline before he returned to the table. I think someone pointed the situation out to him but he could've known what he was doing all along too. Again, it doesn't matter if Morra let SVB hang himself does it? SVB put his head in the noose all by himself.

He pretended to win a game that he fully knew he didn't win.

Cowboy "Zapruder" Dennis
Oh ok,Man your good.throw my idea out.I don't think John was playing it out Like I thought he might have been doing.Least the evidence you are showing appears that is not the case,Uh? And yes your right it doesn't and wouldn't have and shouldn't have mattered anyway.I hope the worst we do is get caught not calling a foul Dude,it's not looking good for ole svb.I will watch him very close if and when I'm playing him from now on.That does suck that he really did try that.I think I said somewhere around here,to trust no one on the pool table.Ya think that's a good example,people?? Wow is all I can think of right now.John B.

PS:HEY that hurts,talking bout my fish like that.That's just mean.If ya cut the red meat out,their the best fish you ever had!!! And they put up a good fight too!!
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