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So your only agenda is to 'OUT' all the cheaters you can and let everyone know what, where and when they committed the offense.

I can understand that, but why the comments about 'nut huggers' and so defensive about other peoples opinions. Yours is the only opinion that you can share. Others in this forum have the right to share theirs also. Correct or just plain out Dumb, it is their opinion.

I'll always defend anyone's right to have an opinion, even yours. But, I don't agree about the derogatory comments you seem to spew in advance of any responses.

I get that SVB cheated, lied and IMO should have been DQ'd on the spot.

Originally Posted by Cowboy Dennis View Post

People get quite confused by others who don't have an agenda. You are so used to being around people with agendas that you seem to think I have one. I don't. I said in the other (original) thread that I would post the photos when I received the DVD's from AccuStats. That's what I've done.

Is there something wrong in your mind with me pointing out SVB's cheating? If this hadn't been on film it would've been forgotten already or just a distant rumor. I don't like cheaters anywhere much less in a poolroom. I will point them out anytime I see them. I have written on this site about Buddy Hall and the others dumping a tournament, I've written about players dumping backers and I'll continue to write about things like this. I simply have no use for liars or cheaters.

Nobody has started a thread anywhere that I know of discussing this incident. The two threads on the All-Zaniness site that discussed it were started for other reasons.

Maybe if SVB made a formal, public apology to his fans and to John Morra I could forgive and move on but that's not going to happen. He knows that it's already been forgotten by the few people who knew about it anyway, why should he bring it up? That's why I do.

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