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Originally Posted by SactownTom View Post
So your only agenda is to 'OUT' all the cheaters you can and let everyone know what, where and when they committed the offense.

I can understand that, but why the comments about 'nut huggers' and so defensive about other peoples opinions. Yours is the only opinion that you can share. Others in this forum have the right to share theirs also. Correct or just plain out Dumb, it is their opinion.

I'll always defend anyone's right to have an opinion, even yours. But, I don't agree about the derogatory comments you seem to spew in advance of any responses.

I get that SVB cheated, lied and IMO should have been DQ'd on the spot.

Did you read the original post I made when this incident first happened? I started that thread minutes after the final match ended (to my recollection). Nobody had yet made comments in defense of SVB here or on the AZ site. The comments I quoted all came from people here or on AZ in defense of SVB. I didn't go on "attack" mode or anything first, I responded to people who defended SVB's actions. There's a difference to me. There were no "nuthugger" comments by me until the nuthuggers started defending SVB.

My comments have not been "spewed in advance of any responses", my comments were made months ago in response to SVB's nuthuggers.

Let me ask you a serious question since you are interested in my motives: If you had seen this incident would you have started a thread commenting on it? Would you post pics, if available, to show what happened? If I didn't do it then tell me who would have done it. Even people who saw it didn't believe it and made excuses for SVB.

I've done it because nobody else did and probably nobody else would.

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