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Originally Posted by Scrzbill View Post
There is an article in Cue Sports journal which Ken Shuman gives an entirely different perspective from your accusations of lying, cheating. What's the difference between this and not calling a foul on yourself when you foul. If you don't call fouls on yourself when there is a foul, then there is no difference making a fouled shot. If one is cheating, the other is. A foul is a foul. Calling a ball four rails, making it two rails, and either deliberately or not claiming a good shot is a loss of turn. Raking the balls is a loss of game. I know I am the only person on the site that has called one thing and shot something else. I am sure Beard has never thought one thing and called something else either. You can show all the blurbs of videos you want, but until you can read someones thoughts, its just rabid speculation and defamation to call this a "chronology of a cheater". Are you going to apologize and make a formal apology for calling him a cheat and a liar? No! Your self righteousness moralizing without any facts is disgusting. If you persist in calling SVB a cheater, liar, then you are calling Cue Sports magazine, Ken Shuman, liars and cheaters also. I am sure you will come back with more unfounded personal defamations of me, then I consider the source.

You are missing a major point: SVB finally admitted to Schuman & Morra that he called the ball 4 rails. Schuman called that out to the audience. It's on the DVD. That's SVB admitting being a liar right there in front of everybody.

P.S. Schuman was taken in by SVB's act also, that's why he carried the balls from SVB's tray and dumped them on the table. Schuman is an employee and if he want's to continue being one he probably won't attack SVB.

Are we running low on meds Bill?

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