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Originally Posted by Banks View Post
It goes back to fixing the angle. If you know the rebound of the rails, once you know how it kicks back, you find that angle and it's set. When you talk about no-english banks, what do you mean? Stun shot? Draw? Does the stun shot start turning over before contact with the rail? By fixing the angle, you eliminate so many variables, so in a way you do have a little more play with the hit. The area should stay about the same either way, but you've got more things that can go wrong if you don't lock it in. IMHO, that's why so many straight-backs are rifled in - they find that angle, fix it and make it go.. there's no worry about it going wide by hitting it too soft, or your english falling off, etc etc. When I can, I shorten up the angle as much as I can and force it in, not worrying about hitting too soft or with too much english or english wearing off, on and on. I think this ties into the scratch angles and differing speeds of bankers.. find the shot, miss the scratch and set your leave if you need one. Speed, english and paths are a necessity of knowing what you're doing. I know I'm no pro, but what I've figured out over the years just makes sense and is reinforced by seeing what the real good players do. Rambling complete.
Completely non-responsive to my quoted post. A yes or no would suffice.

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