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Some off the top of my head:

1. Rempe/Fusco : an old Legends of OP tape with Freddie B. doing commentary. Fusco tortures Rempe with old school one hole squeezing. Good tape for learning fundamental strategies. Excellent commentary.

2. Fusco/Varner : another old tape. fusco does player review commentary and the match is solid old style one pocket.

3. Hall/Efren: Buddy beats Efren 4-1 and plays almost perfect 1-P. Efren never really gets a chance. How often do you hear that?

4. Parica/Pagalayan 2000 world : quick games with the break ball falling 3-4 times in a row. Quick fun match to watch runouts.

5. Parica/Bugs Rucker : classic tape with great commentary. Great players and Hall, Bentivegna, and Cornbread pitch in on some commentary. Any chance to see Bugs is worth it.

6. Daulton/Reyes 4-3 : their well known match that went hill-hill. Two top players battling it out.

7. R. Allen/JR Gay : good tape to see Ronnie Allen. Unfortunately JR plays fantastic and tortures the legend.

I could go on but basically if you like:

OLD STYLE: try and find the old legends tapes from 91,92,etc... and get as many Fusco,Hopkins,Steve Cook,Bugs,Matthews matches as you can afford. Rumour has it that Accu-Stats may re-release some of their out of print tapes. These tapes have a lot more of the tight,defense orientated games that help you squeeze your opponent.

NEW KIDS: get tapes (from the DCC mainly) of Frost, Pagalayan,Joyner,Deuel. These guy don't play as much defense but play quick exciting games a lot of times where offense dominates. Joyner has been around a while but he tend to play a fast aggressive game.

EFREN: catagory by himself. Not polished like the old guys games, doesn't take as many risks as the new kids, but he keeps winning and winning... His shotmaking ability combined with an uncanny knack for burying the cueball where you are completely screwed is amazing.
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