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Originally Posted by NH Steve
a couple of epic Steve Cook/Hopkins matches, etc. These are all from various 'Legends of One Pocket' tourneys.
Having been fortunate enough to watch/play Nick Varner during my One Pocket tour in 2001 was the best learning experience I had to date in my pool life. But as far as video education in my opinion the nod goes to Hopkins/Cook...the Ali-Frazer matches of One Pocket. I remember the 100 minute saftey war they had one year, I remember watching cook take a half dozen balls outta Hopkins hole in another match. Dont get me wrong, the other guys are great to watch too. The Diliberto/Allen match had its own compelling situations...more of a Hagler-Hearns!!!

Next epic battle...if he ever shows to play will be myself and Sactown'll be like Mike Tyson fighting Olive Oil...Quit runnin' from me old man, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Originally Posted by fred bentivegna
He tries so hard he puts fingerprints in the slate.
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