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Originally Posted by vapros View Post
Speaking of space they can afford to pay rent on, it seems to me that the proprietors are buying a lot more seven-foot tables, rather than the bigger ones, for that reason. It's the league players paying the rent today, and that's the way the industry is going. I would like to hear Greg Sullivan's comments on this - or any billiard proprietor.
Well it looks to me like, playing a 9 footer at an affordable price is becoming way more difficult, because of cost and rent. Playing on a 9 footer in some places is just as expensive as a round of golf, with a cart! If the Cup and the US Open keep stirring the pool, the game could change in the next 5 years, it could happen. Never thought I'd say this in my lifetime. Since playing Varner in the Collegiate Midwest 14.1 finals till now....change could finally happen....but. Barry Hearn mentioned, he's got Snooker maybe 1/2 way figured out.
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