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Originally Posted by NH Steve View Post
After any foul, the opponent has the option of passing back the position? So any "intentional" or on purpose -- not just illegal things like squeeze shots or ferule touches, etc?

Interesting idea -- I have to think about it a bit more. One thing that always concerns me with any new rule idea is, what are the unintended consequences?
I would ask you to look at that logic in reverse. If we played under some different criteria historically, then the "unintended consequences" of a new rule change - to our current rules - could be ridiculous things like players gaining an advantage by following a cueball into a pocket, or by launching cueballs and object balls off the table.

I just don't believe "we have always done it that way" (not that this was your argument) is EVER a valid reason, for anything in life. Women would not be able to vote, the earth may still be flat, people could still light up a cig on airplanes if we used that same criteria in our everyday lives, so you can see the harm thinking like that can do. "We have always played like that" mentality necessarily keeps you in the stone age. It is necessary to clear one's mind and think openly and objectively about these potential rule changes. I feel like I can say with confidence we simply refuse to do that in the one pocket community.

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