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Originally Posted by El Chapo View Post
Of all allies, who knew it would be me

Look, one pocket is a beautiful game. I can appreciate a player who first sees, then executes a good intentional to strengthen his position.

The problem is, let's just use an example so we can visualize something, a player bunts the cue ball two inches and freezes on a ball. Great shot! His opponent is trapped now. But, in my opinion, when I mentioned how beautiful a game one pocket was before, the only more beautiful thing would be if that player had to do that shot but legally.

Guys are also able to get out of traps way too easy with fouls. It really lessens the value of traps! This is why you see great players always trying to scrape balls in, because strong moving/ball positions are minimized by the ability to take scratches. I think what would happen if we used this rule, is traps would be much more likey to result in open shots, which I know everyone in here would like that. That may also result in faster games, but we'd have to try it to know of course.

On a more personal note, I have always completely loathed the flying balls off the table purposefully shots, and the following the cue ball in behind the ob shots. I have not had as much a problem with standard intentionals, but I definitely see the point here. Why make a "gutter ball" of a shot an advantage?!
El Chapo,

Ha Ha , yes, who knew. I appreciate you comments and your honesty, and I know we've had words in the past. I hold no grudges with anybody, and have no idea what our previous disagreement was about. I may have said something that offended you and if so I am sorry. That was not my purpose in whatever we were arguing about.

Anyway, thanks again, It looks like you agree that this rule would be a good thing, and how simple, huh?

I often think that when some idea comes along that solves a problem that previously seemed to be unsolvable, "why didn't I think of that", so simple. Usually though I'm thinking about an idea that some other yokel had and made a million bucks off of.

I hope others, especially Steve, will honestly consider this, and your points are well taken about blindly sticking to what we've always done.

We'll see...
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