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Default Memphis Fri. night Open $200 added 9 Ball banks tournament details

Ok, talked to Bill Rowsey and we got the bank tournament scheduled for Friday night. 1 day iron man tournament
7:00 Friday night $200 added Open 9 ball banks tournament.
32 player max.
$50 entry 40.00 tournament - 10.00 greens fees
Details: 9 ball banks DCC rules.
Auction starts at 7:00 sharp, play to start ASAP after auction.
Under 16 players: double elimination race to 3/2 finals to be 1 race to 3
16+ players single elimination race to 3
Payouts/places paid will be determined on amount of entries.

Big thanks to Mr. Rowsey for for supporting this tournament! I'll post some pictures later of the feature table remodel Bill has done. He really thought a lot about it and incorporated some cool ideas!
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