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Originally Posted by crabbcatjohn View Post
I thought everybody kind of knew we were having a fall Melee. If not here you go... I'm currently working on the exact dates. Rowsey told me he's adding 1500 again and do whatever you I
Looking like late Sept.
There will be a few changes this year in the format. Grady rule shouldn't be needed anymore with our short races on the B side but there will be a emergency plan in case.

Looking like same scheduling as the spring deal. I'll let you all know the dates as soon as we get it worked around our schedules.
Fantastic to hear!!! I have two wedding shoots this fall Sept 21 and Oct 12. Put me this time I am going to make it unless I have a conflict or something serious happens with my 97 year old mother, who is defying odds every day 😀
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