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The cue ball is near my pocket, the 10-ball is close to my pocket, and the 12-ball is near the side pocket on my opponent's side of the table.

Question #1: WWID if I needed one ball.
Question #2: WWID if I needed two balls.

I do not have a shot capable of working successfully to my pocket with either object ball remaining on the table. Consequently, I would play defensively whether I needed one ball or two balls.

In reference to both posted questions, I would shoot the same shot. I would select to roll the 10-ball before the side pocket to bounce off the long rail by the 12-ball and attempt to get them as close together as possible. The provided photo of where the cue ball is in relation to the 10-ball appears in the execution of my shot on the 10-ball that I can move the cue ball approximately 10 inches up table that would nullify any viable three cushion bank on the 12-ball by my opponent. Yes, I'm grinding. I would expect that my opponent's next shot will be equally as oppressive, tedious, and seemingly without end as mine.
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