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Originally Posted by Jeff sparks View Post
He played bad, and I played worse, we played 6 hours and he ended up 2 sets ahead. ( Races to 3) We are going to butcher up the joint again today at 12:30!
Glad to be playing again, just hate playing this poorly when I know how to play.
People tell me I can't get it back, and damned if I'm not proving them right! So far. Grrrrrr!!

You were right, pocketing balls was my downfall, how'd you know?
Oh that's right, you're 71 also! Never mind.
Jeff, I quit playing pool several times in the past 40 years, twice for over seven years. The last time I tried coming back I was 60 years old, it took me over three months of regular play to regain a feel for the game. Slower than I wanted but it will come back if you really want to play, stick with it.

Dr. Bill
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