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Originally Posted by onepockethacker View Post
Judging by some of the answers of the more "seasoned players" on this site and their thinking process, Lou is right about one thing.. If the old time greats had that same thought process in regards to what shots/style to choose and they played those shots TODAY against TODAY'S players... TODAY'S players would run right over them However if you could bring the old time greats in their prime forward into today, I believe they would see how the game has evolved and thus they would do what all champions do... adjust their games accordingly and become more offensive and would end up being great today also.

A few years back I was playing an "old school" player. We were talking through the game and at one point I said, "I gotta shoot the bank here (off the end rail)." And he said no, "Unless you can hit them as accurate as Shane." And I said, ______, there is no one I play -- no one -- that isn't shooting this bank at me. This is the way the game is played nowadays." He remained unmoved by my argument.

The old school way was far too defensive. Not saying there weren't some shooters, just talking about the prevailing style.

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