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Originally Posted by 1 HOLE NUT View Post
I rarely post on the forum but when i do it is the truth, sometimes even about other people, which makes me a honest guy with a big mouth. That why i do not post much.

I am proud of my "VERY FEW" positive outcomes in one hole and pool, and on paper i may have looked good in a couple of tournaments, but my speed this weekend did not reflect that, nor is it at that same level at this point
do to the whole family and life thing.

I was not going to play in this thing, i was just going to come and try and get into action because that is all i know, and because we do not have any one hole events within 500 miles of me.
I am very happy that i played for a few reasons.

1st: the caliber of the players was top notch. I was pleasantly surprised that i was totally out matched by at least half the field, and on par with the rest.
I knew there was a whole lot of great one pocket players that i have not yet got to see until this weekend, and it was a memory i will never forget.

2nd: THE ACTION which i did not get enough of because the players my speed thought i was some monster because i never got to play Scott or Shane at the 07' Derby, which if i did have to play them i would have got 257th place, and
i would have only gone for $50 in the Calcutta, and the players better than me would have gladly took my stake horse's money if they was not winning the tourney.

3rd: The mystery of finding out what face goes with what screen name, and meeting everyone that shares my passion of one hole. I am not a social person until i get to know you and this weekend started that process for a few.
I wish i could have talked to more but i was to busy trying to size y'all up so we can match up, that is a fault that i am slowly getting away from the older i get and the weaker my game gets.
I just hope i can be half as good as the 2 guys that put me out when im here ages. I got to talk to Jeff sat. before i left i told him if i would have known that he was an old school 9ball monster i would have play a totally
different style. It was awesome to see his and Mr. Newkirks aggressive games up close and personal like that i know i learned something in both sets. "DON'T LET THEM SEE ANYTHING"

Thanks to all that made this happened, special thanks the Col. Bille Miller for everything from practice to room and board, and staking. Also my buddy Mr. Tom(my other stake horse). Also Jim(jtompilot) for giving me his spot.

I do have some constructive criticism about the tourney, i think we should have played more matches Friday because 95% of us were there and it was early enough after 1st round, may have helped with time on Sunday. It may have been a
bad rumor but i thought the $30 green fee aloud us free pool time Fri. thru sun. for practice and matching up, i would pay a little extra green fee for that option. I like little side things like one hole ghost high run for the day,
and overall winner for weekend. A challenge table $20 to $40 a game winner stays, we went to Buffalos Thursday night and did this it was fun, Disco Dave, Me, Col. Bille, Grey Ghost, Our Calcutta, and commentator Jason "Buffalo" Hunt,
and some locals. I know that i would have lost to the monsters eventfully but i did not understand why we had to draw numbers if you was putting us in a program that mixes us up already, that top bracket was TOUGH!! Again im not
trying to take anything from anybody y'all did a GREAT job on a GREAT event. Tournament Director that is not playing would help to, did not get to talk to them unless it was about where and when i play.
Glad we got to meet you Jason. You played very well, and the fact that the two guys who beat you were Jeff and Robert doesn't mean we had you over-rated (although I actually do take your word for it that we did.)

I agree with you about Friday night. Rather than simply scheduling matches, I gave everyone the option of playing again Friday night and I got no takers. I wish we had said ahead of time that we'd play two rounds Friday night, but what held us back was knowing that at least two matches would be two rounds behind by Saturday morning. Those two matches, even as it was, delayed every match that flowed from them throughout the 1-loss side, and that delay didn't get washed out until we got to the final four.

If we were to do the same thing again with the same number of players and tables, I think we should make two matches Friday night mandatory. As it was this time, I didn't want to prevent anyone who had to work Friday and travel from being able to participate.

You are a 100% right about needing a dedicated TD who isn't playing and knows wtf he's doing. I was confused at times when I shouldn't have been.

Anyway, overall, I'm REALLY glad we did it, I had a ball, and despite some scheduling that made it especially difficult for a few players, it went about as smoothly as we could have hoped for given that it was a first attempt with very little professional help.

Hope to see you at the Derby, if not before.

Oh, btw, I should mention that a lot of the guys just jumped in to help keeping results posted and next matches started while I was playing or otherwise distracted.John Crabb -- crabcatjohn -- was especially helpful. Thanks to everyone who pitched in.

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