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Ryan you would have loved this event, there was some great players and really nice people in this group. For you and me being one pocket nuts it was, THE STONE COLD NUTS for all your one pocket needs. I'm a early riser and I like to play all day, instead of all night, and I could not beat the crowd to the poolroom, no matter what time I got there everybody was already in action, an average of 5 tables every morning going at it. even though I left early because of how bad I was playing and I thought I was not going to get any action after being knocked out of tourney by two monsters. I should have stayed and watched some of the final matches, and got to know some of the other players. They are on the internet somewhere, I payed for 30 days and will try and go watch them, but I know you can find them.

The only action I got was a loud mouth wanna be pool hustler who thought he had a sucker, that is not associated with this group, he came with the streamer(who was awesome), but he did do a good job on Calcutta with his gift of the gab. Also a really nice guy that owns the pool hall Bogies in Houston, he asked me to play 9ball after we played 1P and I said "what is 9ball?" I wish I would have got to play at least ALLLLL the other players in the tourney, but that would have took till Christmas. To me this was better than the Derby, or the Tunica event because everyone there was all about one hole. The best thing to me was all the different styles from all across this country. Also if you go to this your only out a fraction of money it takes to go to the bigger event.

When you get home we need to spar since you are the only player FROM within 300 miles of us that don't need THE NUTS when you play.
Best player in the poolroom. "Hey you want to play some Onepocket?"

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