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To booster straight pool practice some more, it develops certain shots in groves over other games. Shots as; combinations, throw shots, kiss shots, break out shots, and carom shots. Reading the rack, getting that exact position to break out some balls, learning all the different break outs, playing the throw shots and kiss shot are the elements of the game that I loved. Vern Peterson said you need to know where each ball is going when you break them out, as he is running 70 on me. And you'll learn this and it really helps, especially in one pocket.

Within my daily practice I always devoted 1 hour to straight pool even though it bored me. But, I am sure glad I did for no other game would of got me skilled in all these not so common shots.

I second what Salamander alluded to about positioning in one pocket. One of the biggest problems players have from pros on down is their inability to run out in one pocket when it is there! 8 is there and they get 2 or 3, and that is because they end up on the wrong side of a ball and it stops their run.

To get ready for a straight pool match I like throwing out 10 balls on the foot end of the table and pocket them in just one foot pocket, and if my shape is off I reshoot until I am within an inch, then go to the next shot. This helps for one pocket also. I do this with each pocket all around the table.

Another game for one pocket is to break the rack sending balls towards your hole and deliberately leaving your self a shot, and see how many balls you can run. When you miss or scratch it ends the rack, a scratch is a loss of a ball. Do this for 5 breaks and see how many balls you can run. When you get to where you run all 15 balls then you are getting there for it takes banking skills and down table positioning skills to get behind those down table balls and pick them off.

Practice Banks with a full rack one hour a day. Thanks again Keith you are right on about straight pool, a little slow and boring for 9-ballers but sure teaches you a lot! Whitey
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