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Originally Posted by lll View Post
among a bunch of dvds i just bought from accustats
i bought one of lotsapoppa vs pretty boy floyd one pocket
i have heard the name mentioned
not very often
anyone have any stories and or info on him ?
how good did he play

accu stats has a sale now where dvds are $9.99
i think because they are going to a vimeo on demand format

I ran into him a couple of time, Larry, but I'm sure there's several guys on here who can tell you things about him.. He was a player. The first tim,,, I was going to play him some, and I looked over at Burton and he gave me a sign that I couldn't beat him, so I opted out and hung around and saw him play a local guy some nine ball, and he won a few games off the local man and that man got mad and was a racist anyway and started wanted to flip Popa for a hundred dollars per flip and Poppa said sure, flip it up and ended up winning four or five hundred off of the local man.. That's about all that happened that I can remember...I left and went to the movies right after these occurrences, but I think he made another little score or two that night and then left the area...
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