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I maybe to tired wed. to play after all that sleeping im going to be doing while Bille is driving 6 1/2 hours.

Shoooot!! Im going to have my pool stick already screwed together in the camper so I don't have to waste time doing that when we get there.

Lets get the rules out the way while we are at it.
1. If any part of the ball is touching any part of the diamond or circle it is no good to shoot
2. No 3 foul
3. Touch a ball we just leave it or we try and get it back as best we can, this is never a big deal to me, even if you move a couple, im never trying to cheat or rearange balls, and if my opponent is than we wont need to play again, no big deal.
This rules are not set in stone, just how i like to play, if anyone can think of anything else that may come up lets figure it out.

One more thing I always call TAILS!!!
Best player in the poolroom. "Hey you want to play some Onepocket?"

Me. "Sure"
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