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Default 2019 MOT location ballot

We have two rooms to choose from, based on our earlier suggestion thread, and rooms that have an owner willing to commit!

Michael's Billiards in Cincinnati
and Bluegrass Billiards in Philly

Michaels is owned by a very good long-time Banks player, Mike Medley. The room features 13 Diamond 9' pool tables, two 3-cushion tables and 16 bar tables. It also features a stone tablet in a nice display with Cowboy Dennis's tribute poem to pool players who have died, "You'll Be Up Here Yet". cinci_kid would be our member liaison for Michaels, and he will add more information. With less than 16 tables, our tournament would have to start earlier Friday to get on track to match the 32 player schedule our members have discussed for a reasonable finish on Sunday.

Bluegrass is a recently opened room with 40 Gold Crown tables (according to their website). Mitch would be our member liaison for Bluegrass, and he will add more information about the room in this thread.

*** Please ONLY VOTE for a poolroom if you at least might be planning to attend the MOT for this year, thank you, because it really does not help if you vote a preference, yet do not plan to attend ***

Thank you and if you do attend, you will have a fantastic time, with a bunch of pretty good players, but even better people!
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