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Default 2019 MOT location ballot

Here is my original post with details on BlueGrass Billiards...

Well fellas.. here is a good possible choice for our next members tournament. BlueGrass Billiards in Philadelphia Pa is now officially open full time and has been packed. I mentioned before, it has the same owners as the old Takony Billiards which was an action staple here for many years and has sported many great players over the years including Efren, Busty, Frost, and Shane when they were in town.

Stats on the new room:

40 tables overall
2 billiard tables
16 bar tables
Mix of 22 Brunswick gold crown 3 or black crowns (cloth is a mix of Simonis and champion and pockets also range from 4 1/4 - 4-5/8)

***We could use up either 12 or up to 16 tables for the tournament.

They are open 7 days a week, from 10am to 2am. (But stay open later when need be)

The owners would ask a Greenís fee (20 bucks) which covers all tournament play. After that regular rates would apply however they are pretty cheap. Rates are $3 per person hourly from 10am til 5pm. And $5 per hour per person from 5pm til 2am.
Seniors 62 and over the rate is $3 per hour all day and night every day!

22 Tvís
Table Tennis!! (Cincykid)
Full Bar
Kitchen with food
The address is:
9490 Bluegrass rd
Philadelphia pa 19114

The location is 22.6 miles (listed at 27 minutes on maps) from the Philadelphia International Airport.

There is a four points Sheraton 3 minutes away and about 4 other hotels within 10 minutes including a Raddison, a holiday in and others.

Fuscos Pool room is about 13 minutes away in case you want to visit another good action spot.

There are several restaurants within a 5 minute drive including Nifty Fifties, which is a 3 minute walk and has the best old time milkshakes and burgers you could ask for. Ask our own Jakie. Naturally there are also a few places nearby to grab a nice cheesesteak.

Of course you all know that if you wanted to spend some time sightseeing or taking a tour, Philadelphia is the Birthplace of our nation: sporting such features as the Liberty bell, Betsy Rossís house (where our first flag was knitted) Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence was drafted and signed), and of course the Rocky statue lol. Also the Mutter Museum, and the Philadelphia Art Museum is renowned for its collection of impressionist artwork.

There is also a horse track and a casino about 12 minutes away for some of you heh (ahem Miller).

As for action, there are plenty of regulars in the area and most will gamble in 1P! Or you can always play me!! Hahah.

Now for some pics...

Mitch needs to remember to play the score and that it's better to win than to look like a hero.