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Sticking with a 3/3 format then I think Michaels' w/12 tables is a no-brainer to start play on Thursday.

3/3 format @ Bluegrass w//16 tables & 1/4 (8 players) of the field eliminated the first day, I think will probably work. Play would start appox. 12-1pm, allowing for 4hrs./match on avg. then I believe two rds. could be finished @ approx. 9-10pm.

Question is; do you want to play another rd.? Possibly if your at 9pm. Later than that I would be hesitant, siting nutrition/player fatique vs. enjoying other venues of socializing/matching up. And opt. for playing an extra rd. on Saturday night, for play can get started earlier.

Saturday, I feel, as it was with MOT Cal. Billiards that if they will open the doors for practice to start @ 9am, this gives us an extra hour. Why is this important, I feel an extra rd. will be needed to be played on Sat. night if we are to get to 4 players on Sunday as Scrzbil suggests!

This is off the top of my head without a whole lot of thought going into it. Whitey