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Originally Posted by NH Steve View Post
Some players like to come Rhursday anyway, but before we push to Thursday we need to utilize Friday more to start with. For example in CA we intentionally did not play a any one loss rounds Friday because the room owner was not keen on having players eliminated the first day. I think now we know we have to, and also we have more experience with our own players, so we KNOW most of them stick around to visit and mix and match anyway so really it is not at all an issue that some players will be eliminated that first day.

I know we have had many conversations about how to keep the finals from running so late Sunday, but the first and simplest thing by far is just to set goals for Friday and Saturday and play until we reach them. That alone is going to get us 90% there IMO

Iíll try anything if it will keep the people who DONT COME happy
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