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Default Michael's Billiards, Cincinnati - possible location for 2019 member tourney

Here was my initial post on Michaels:

I finally had a chance to speak to Michael yesterday on my drive home from work and as Steve pointed out in another thread he is interested in being considered for hosting our tourney next year!

I am sure I will leave some stuff out but here are the things I know:


- Open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday (there is always action to be had at all levels)

- They only have (11) 9' Diamond tables which he said 10 are good to use for the tourney. However, he said in most of the tourneys, the magic number for 32 players is 8 tables. I told him we usually use more and sometimes matches can run longer so the more we can get the better. Is 10 enough for our tourney?

- $15 green fees would cover us for the entire tourney.

- It's non-smoking (everywhere in Ohio)

- Calcutta is ok!

- They have finger foods, hot sandwiches, drinks at the counter but there are also lots of places close by to eat at as well.

- about 40-45 minutes from CVG Airport

- There are several hotels within a few miles of the pool room and I think most average about $80-$100 a night. I will see if there is any chance on getting a special rate at one of them.

- Goldy has his cameras set up in there so I am sure we would have the stream part covered, not sure whats all involved in getting a booth set up and going for commentary.

- Locals will do a lot of bank ring games and by the rail games for those interested in bumps as well.

- They also have a 3 cushion table (not heated), a 10 footer and a bunch of bar tables. They have 2 or 3 of the 9 footer tables with tighter pockets that he only allows one pocket to be played on so we could use these for finals, etc.

I think that's all I have for now, but as long as we can make due with 10 tables, we can add Michael's to the poll for voting!


Since then I think he said he has 12 tables now that would be usable for the event.