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Default Lag for first break

Androd told the story about Greg Stevens winning the lag for first break against Lassiter, man was that right on.

Just a little thing lagging for the break. In any race the lag could be the most important part of the whole match, THE LAG.

Lassiter never got to shoot due to losing the LAG.

I won the LAG for 1st break against Lassiter and Ronnie Allen in the al around in 1970, if I don't win those Lags I don't win the al around.

Both my opponents had to come from far behind in a race to 11, I won both matches 11 to 8 because I had first break!

I started with 4 racks against Lassiter, I started with 5 racks against Ronnie, fortunately I played well enough to make it hold up.

Anytime you play a tough opponent or any opponent try lagging the cue ball before you play and get the speed of the table down.

If and when as a player you develop touch with your cue-ball you will advance your game to the next level.

The more you learn about the cue-ball the better a player you will become.
Test your cue ball more and see what you can do with it.

Master the cue ball and there is no limit to your game, everything will come easier.

Practice three cushion and develop power in your stroke.

practice 14 and 1 and develop touch with your cue ball!

And people win the LAG and you may just get to shoot! BAHAHAHA
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