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Originally Posted by lll View Post
chapo, chapo, chapo
how can you say the lag is the most underpracticed and IMPORTANT shot
hope that one day it becomes unimportant?????
also since i dont agree with your premise
"we all cant probably sort of agree it should be unimportant."
its a skill shot
and whoever shoots it better is rewarded with the break.
shouldnt we reward a player for his skill?
just askin...
btw i enjoy reading your contrarion way to look at things since it makes me think....

Lags are important because they decide matches. Isn't it clear lags should not be match deciders however? And, what about if a guy loses a lag by 2mm and then loses the match because of it. What if a guy loses a lag because there is table variation and he got the boing side of the rail. It should not be an important shot, but it is.

I do not even think it is contrarian. Nobody wants matches decided by lags.

I suppose lags have touch involved. But who do we all admire? A guy like Strickland who can spear a ball in jacked up off the end rail hill-hill, or a guy who lags good? Who does lag good anyway?? Do we even know?!

I think deciding matches on skill is a very very good thing, as you eluded to. I saw some Chinese tournaments that did some great stuff!! What if we followed suit, and actually used real skill to decide matches, instead of acting like a lag is somehow a worthy skill. Every match that goes hill hill, you stop play, and have them shoot 10 shots. Maybe the shot can be the cb is on the headspot, and the ob is on the footspot. Whoever pockets it the most times in the called pocket, wins. Seems too obvious, maybe too logical. I really don't know.

Screw hill-hill games where one guy gets the opening break in one pocket!! That concept should be banned from one pocket! Hill hill in a race to two and one guys gets the opening break!!! Are we serious? Why not reward true skill, skill that we actually admire, to be the decider in matches? We all have no idea is the answer. The Chinese seem to know.
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