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Originally Posted by Scrzbill View Post
Your statement is confusing. Do you mean the player receives nothing?
Bill, all I'm saying is unless you know you have the nuts, why would you put yourself in a position where the match is relatedly even and you are risking more than you will receive. Its a negative expectation bet. Lets say the player you are going to back gets 10% of his winning and you get 90%, that's the same as flipping a coin and if you lose the flip you pay $100/ flip and if you win you get $90/flip, would you make that bet??? Now think about how bad a 30/70 split is, its just doesn't make sense financially. Now if you get something else out of being a steak horse likeit fuels your ego and you don't mind taking the worst of it than go ahead.

To answer your question, yes I mean the player gets nothing unless he puts up his own $$$$$$$$$$.
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