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Originally Posted by Scrzbill View Post
Your statement is confusing. Do you mean the player receives nothing?
Bill, let me add to my last post. Besides the terrible odds you've given yourself as a backer there is always that possibility that your player will throw the game. In that case you are drawing dead before the first break.

Last example, you're in the pool room talking to Tony Chohan and in walks Scott Frost. They sit down and talk for several minutes and agree on playing with Tony giving Scott 9-8 which you feel gives Tony a slight edge. You approach Tony and tell him you want to back him up to $10,000. Tony says sorry Bill but Beattle is covering all his action. You ask Tony what the split is and he tells you 75/25. Now you offer Tony a 70/30 split but Tony says no. I overheard this conversation so I ask you if you want to bet me you can have tony all you have to do is lay me your $10,000 to my $8,000 giving you much better odds.

Would you take that bet?? I don't think so and yet as a "backer" you would be willing to lay $10,000 to win $7,000. Why they are both terrible investments!!!

Now Bill don't get all upset my example is just an possible scenario to show that on any reasonably close match it make no sense to lay those type of odds.

If any of our members understand why being a backer you is taking all the risks while receiving only a % of the winnings please explain it to me.

You know Vegas was built on much smaller odds. I once heard a casino owner say just give me 1/2% of a percent edge with enough action I well win millions.
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