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dont worry about me i have a thick skin and am in complete agreement with you.

ill give an example you play 6 with different people of a period of time. matches for 1000 dollars each. and win 4 out of the 6. thats pretty good isnt it.

so you win 4000 and give him 1200 for his 30% and you have 2800 bucks for yourself in winnings.

but you lost 2 matches and lost 2000 for a total of 800 in winnings.

not much in winnings and he made 50% more than you did and you put up all the risk.

now suppose he just breaks even now.. you break even but he makes 30% of 3000 for 900/ so you lose 900 when you break even and make 800 when you terrorize your opponent.

now you lose the 4 out of 6 matches.
you lose 4000 plus 30% of the 2000 you won for minus 4600 and win 1400 dollars for a net loss of 3200 dollars

so in effect you laid 4 to 1 in the money you would win 4 out of 6 rather than lose 4 out of 6 matches.

that is why you need a total lock if you are staking someone to play.

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