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Ive never staked anyone (that I remember) and I really have never been staked, I feel more comfortable playing on my own money.

That being said, I understand your logic Keith but here's the thing.

If you are backing someone, what makes you think they want to win you money when there's nothing in it for them? Even if they don't do any funny business with their opponent, how hard do you think they are going to fight to win the game? You have to give them something as an incentive to win. It's using their skills, their time and energy, their knowledge to out move or out smart their opponent. Why should that be for free just to benefit you?

Otherwise, you are going to have to step up yourself and make a game with the opponent which is what I have always opted to do.

So yea, you are not going to win as much as you could potentially lose but that's why you have to be confident in the person you are backing and the game they have made. You can always say no, but I can't imagine anyone playing to win and not getting any of the loot after they have succeeded.

(just my 2 cents)
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