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I was in the pool room the other day and some guy who thinks he's smart started in on betting on players.

Smart guy: "Yeah, we aren't staking any more players. We are just going to bet on the side. Why lay 3-2 when you can get even money?"

Me: "Do you guys tip the player"?

Smart guy: "Nah, that's the whole point. We keep the money."

Me: "How long until the players realize that the only way they can make money is to dump the rail?"

Smart guy: "They wouldn't do that, would they?"

I knew a guy who is quite famous; actually in this Hall of Fame, who was notorious for dumping the rail until they got off the bet, then taking the opponent off after he fattened him up. All these smart guys thought they could just bet on the side. He would let them all bet on him and then lose on purpose, knowing that he could make 5 x the score by doing that. So go ahead and try to just bet on the rail and never let the player make any money. See what happens.

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