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Default Ghost vs. Steve 5

You're in the end game and you're in an uncomfortable position...

Steve's shot --- Steve's pocket is at the bottom left --- ball score is 5-4, Ghost ahead, both going to 8 --- the cueball is frozen to the rail --- the 10-11 combo is wired for me...

Consider this game vital = that you're hill-hill here in a Derby City match --- you don't want to leave your opponent a shot.... "fraught with peril" option >>> with the cueball frozen to the rail, and the existing angle, to thin the 10 to get back down-table without running into the 1ball would take a perfect/difficult then, wcyd/wwyd ----->

Well, as far as I know, I believe that along with Bill "Mr. 3cushion" Smith, I am the only other pool player left around who was a regular at Bensinger's Billiard Academy, and after that, Freddy, Bobby (R.J.'S dad), and Phil's North Shore Billiard Club during the 1960's and 70's....and after those two memorable rooms closed, the action, and yours truly, were to be found at Marie's Golden Cue, The Billiard Cafe, and Chris's Billiards....that said, let me chime in to this thread to say two things...

#1. It gets asked a lot (as in this thread) whether Artie in his prime, really was as good as, if not better than, the top few One Pocket players of that era - the answer is, he was - and trust me, I'm not being a 'homer' in saying that...and also, having watched Artie play Boston Shorty, Nick Varner, my old friend Bugs, etc. etc. and knowing the game of One Pocket to the extent that I do, my assessment of Artie's game is qualified. And it's always pathetic when someone from another part of the country pretends to have an informed opinion re. the level of Artie's One Pocket game back in the day, when they really weren't there, and don't know.

#2. I just want to say a few words about my old friend, R.J.'S dad Bobby...

Bobby was a really great guy, a super funny guy, and a real good gambler...he was my pinochle partner a good amount of the time, and we won more than our share of games - except when his ego got a little bit the best of him and he bid too high ...and speaking of ego's, Freddy, Bobby and Phil each thought that they were the best pinochle player in the room, if not the country......RIP my brothers, and bank on.

- Ghost
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