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Originally Posted by One Pocket Ghost View Post
You're in the end game and you're in an uncomfortable position...

Steve's shot --- Steve's pocket is at the bottom right --- ball score is 5-4, Ghost ahead, both going to 8 --- the cueball is frozen to the rail --- the 10-11 combo is wired for me...

Consider this game vital = that you're hill-hill here in a Derby City match --- you don't want to leave your opponent a shot.... "fraught with peril" option >>> with the cueball frozen to the rail, and the existing angle, to thin the 10 to get back down-table without running into the 1ball would take a perfect/difficult then, wcyd/wwyd ----->
If Steve’s pocket is bottom right, wouldn’t the 10/11 be wired for him... So I’m going with Steve’s pocket must be the other one... If that’s true, then I’d try a T-Rex �� shot... Elevate all the way and spear the right side of the 11 ( less than 1/2 full hit on the 11 ) with as much right side draw as I could get off the frozen cb and hit the shot with enough speed to move the 11 to my side and combo bank the 10 at approximately pocket speed to my hole...The cb should bank off the long rail and move up table towards the other long rail, hopefully behind the 1 ball...

On second glance, the cb speed looks bad... no good, it’s to fast... forget about it...��

Sorry Newkirk. Didn’t see your response...

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