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Originally Posted by Dennis "Whitey" Young View Post
Cooler & Hank, thanks guys!

I believe Cooler will really appreciate this, for on my table coming off of the final 2nd diamond to pocket the ball just does not go in, for it more closer to the 3rd diamond to go in. But what I think is happening is that the ob is gaining more spin as it is going around the table, thus continuing to stretch the angle as it contacts each rail, and it went in!

Hank, yes it is in trick competition. Their actually coming short of the pocket from making it, but instead play to contact the long side rail then the end rail, and come out to rest upon the $100 bill or whomever comes the closest. I believe it adds up to 8 rails. Whitey
if we look at the last 2 rails of the balls journey( short rail long rail to the corner)
try this
the object ball as it comes off the side rail seems to me to be as if it started on a line from the side pocket to the middle diamond on the short rail
if you hit a ball on that line using 3 oclock spin
it goes from the middle diamond on the short rail towards the 2nd diamond on the side rail and to the corner (at least it did this morning on my 9foot table )
this sort of shows that the object ball has picked up maximum spin as it goes around the table
i hope you can follow what i am trying to say
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