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Originally Posted by lll View Post
if we look at the last 2 rails of the balls journey( short rail long rail to the corner)
try this
the object ball as it comes off the side rail seems to me to be as if it started on a line from the side pocket to the middle diamond on the short rail
if you hit a ball on that line using 3 oclock spin
it goes from the middle diamond on the short rail towards the 2nd diamond on the side rail and to the corner (at least it did this morning on my 9foot table )
this sort of shows that the object ball has picked up maximum spin as it goes around the table
i hope you can follow what i am trying to say
Thanks, for confirming what I suspected. In shooting this bank I use center ball to help keep the ob coming off the first three rails flatter to stretch the bank, but it doubled so tight out of the lower corner pocket it got a lot of induced spin and then barely cleared the side pocket, and from there it did as you stated. Coming off the final rail you can see the ob spinning but it dissipated and thus straightened out on the path to the hole.

By the corner pockets the rails are softer from wear and tear so this also added spin which made the whole bank pretty dramatic. In review I feel the pool gods was showing off their stuff and it was completely out of my control, and all I could do was watch in awe.

For those of you that are wondering what were discussing, the bank should of come off the final rail at about the 3rd diamond on my table to make it. Instead the added spin stretched the angles and it made it off the 2nd diamond. Plus the added spin also added speed to the ob, and without it would of landed short, for I felt I did not hit it hard enough.

I was initially banking this shot off the near side rail before the side pocket, for this favors flattening out the bank and stretching it to get it to come off near the final 3rd diamond. But, in using that much power near the rail it was hard to keep the ob from jumping up off the first two rails. thanks, Cooler! Whitey

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