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Approximately 2 months ago (right after the Philadelphia Members Only One-Pocket Tournament), I purchased a Revo 12.4 shaft which was factory fitted with Predator Victory soft tip. When purchasing the Revo shaft I learned that it does not screw onto the pins of certain custom cue sticks. Not to be deterred, I had to have the Revo shaft altered to fit the pin on my "Cognoscenti" cue made by Joe Gold of Chicago. I had the alteration completed within 24 hours by another local Chicagoland area cue maker who charged $50 for re-tapping the shaft to fit my cue. Since then I have played exclusively with the Revo shaft.

For me, the combination of the Revo shaft and the Cognoscenti cue provides a super solid hit without a hint of a ping sound. Is the Revo carbon fiber composite shaft magical? No. I still miss shots. Yet it "seems" to me that I have better control of the cue ball with and without spin. I am 100 percent satisfied that I made the switch to the Revo shaft.

Additionally, the sales person who sold me the shaft, a very solid player who also plays with a Revo shaft, advised that I purchase the 12.4 shaft instead of the 12.9 shaft. He explained that most of the positive feedback he has heard is for the 12.4 shaft. I had mentioned that I might change the cue tip to a Kamui super soft. He countered that I should first play with the Predator Victory soft tip since the Predator company had vested years in the making of this shaft and tip. It was great advice.
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