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I bought a predator blak 4-5 with 12.4 revo a couple weeks ago I played with a regular 12.5 maple shaft before.
20 years ago I played with the first 314.

I decided to jump full force and switch even in gambling or leagur.

I have a terrible stance and fundamentals for those of you that have played with me already know that.
I honestly think it has an improvement which helps compensate for my flaw of not hitting center cue.
I added 1.4 oz of weight so that may factor in too. I am adjusting but I am hitting my super soft spin shots now that I was worried about losing with a CF.

I test hit my friends bequ before I received my predator and I agree it feels more like wood than the revo.

I got a quick release joint and i would recommend sticking with radial. I love it for the extension but i find it disjointing while playing some times.

I will report back in a month or so.
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