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Originally Posted by ChicagoFats View Post
I bought a predator blak 4-5 with 12.4 revo a couple weeks ago I played with a regular 12.5 maple shaft before.
20 years ago I played with the first 314.

I decided to jump full force and switch even in gambling or leagur.

I have a terrible stance and fundamentals for those of you that have played with me already know that.
I honestly think it has an improvement which helps compensate for my flaw of not hitting center cue.
I added 1.4 oz of weight so that may factor in too. I am adjusting but I am hitting my super soft spin shots now that I was worried about losing with a CF.

I test hit my friends bequ before I received my predator and I agree it feels more like wood than the revo.

I got a quick release joint and i would recommend sticking with radial. I love it for the extension but i find it disjointing while playing some times.

I will report back in a month or so.
Thanks for responding. It's those super soft spin shots that I'm having trouble with using the Revo 12.4. This shot is so important in one pocket for me. I have tried to draw the cue ball and on some of those shots and it get away from me. It's a great shaft for playing rotation games like nine ball and ten ball.
I'll be waiting for your follow up report. thanks.
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