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Default A Ball on the break proposal

In watching yesterday's match between Scott Frost and Danny Smith I heard an interesting idea when it came to a player who makes
a ball on the break and the re-rack rule is in force. Did any of you catch this?

I don't know if this rule was implemented in this match but here is what was at least suggested:

Rack your own and if you make a ball on the break it calls for a re-rack.
Now here was the interesting part. Should you scratch on your follow-up break you can then have a third and deciding re-rack and break.

I think this is only fair considering how on the first break you would be in such a commanding position
and with having scratched on your second attempt you are now in deep guano. Seems like the two
breaks cancel one another out.
It will not happen often but it will happen.

What does the public think of this idea?
I suggest we include this rule in our tournaments.
This inquiring mind wants the know.


"Controlled Aggression"
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