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Originally Posted by J.R. View Post
As John Lavin, the owner of Red Shoes pool room, has posted on this thread, the final one pocket game for "$50 and the time" was won by me (J.R.). My opponent, known by the initials of "J.D." related that his understanding of playing for "$50 and the time" was that the winner pays the time. Initially, I thought he was kidding. I stated that Lavin, Dan "Chicago Fats" Moran, and Ike Runnels had heard the bet. Lavin clearly stated to "J.D." that the bet was for "$50 and the time" which means the loser pays the time. Unfortunately, Moran and Runnels had already left the pool room before my game ended. I stated that I would call Moran and Runnels on the phone to clarify what "$50 and the time" means. During this time "J.D." kept repeating that "$50 and the time" means to him that the winner pays the time, they (me, Lavin, Moran and Runnels) don't know what's going around in my head, and I'm getting ****ed out of my money again."

But let us assume that "J.D." is telling the gospel truth when he states that "$50 and the time" means to him that the winner pays the time. "J.D." and I had been playing for nearly 5 hours. The time would be at least $50. We each had posted up $100. When "J.D." wanted to raise the bet to $100 for the final game, I countered with "$50 and the time." Ike Runnels who had been playing with Dan Moran on the pool table adjacent to our pool table stated, loud and clear, that playing for "$50 and the time" is probably playing for more than $100. If "J.D." didn't hear that then whatever was going around in his head had momentarily got stuck in his ears.

Again, let us assume that "J.D." is telling the gospel truth when he states that "$50 and the time" means to him that the winner pays the time. After playing for 5 hours, wherein the cost of table time is at least $50, why would "J.D." or myself agree to play a final game of one pocket for $50 where the winner pays all the time? There would be no monetary winner. Why play the final game? Obviously, that logic wasn't twisting and twirling around in his head either.

The situation ended with me (J.R.) receiving $50 for winning the final game and paying my half of the table time.

And for anyone who thinks that playing for "$50 and the time" could mean anything else than the loser pays the time should never play for more than a pickle or two!
J R,

This is nothing more than a lot of what is going on today with political parties. One side sees a problem (a crisis even) that needs fixing for the good of the country, while the other side pretends that they see nothing wrong, or they just don't understand what you are talking about for their own selfish goals.

You are wasting your time trying to explain to this person, or trying to prove your point. He very well understands, but he has "his story" and he's sticking to it. He needs to be shunned and ignored, and if you must play him get the money up front and ignore his irrational complaints. You know right from wrong and have your peers support.

The early bird may get the worm...but the second mouse gets the cheese...Shutin@urholeisOVERATED.
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