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Default My DCC Report

Well, like always, I was looking forward to the biggest one hole tourney of the year and boy was it big! They actually used the action room tables (or almost all of them) for tournament play because of so many entrants in all divisions.

Since it's less than a 90 minute drive for me, I go down Sunday morning to get there in time for practice, the draw and find out when my first round match is. I show up around 9 AM ready to warm up, no tables are really open so I roam up towards the action room and notice our usual back corner table has nobody paying on it but I see Robert Frost sitting near it so I go ask him the deal. He said he and Shane Winters were playing all night (not sure the game or bet) and he is waiting for Shane to get done with his banks match to continue. He said I could have it until Shane was finished.

Told the fellas through What'sApp (btw, good idea on that Mike! Discord or other similar apps would have worked too but you were able to get the downloads and usage from members who were there and would use it, isn't great to be able to communicate better? Shortly after they started showing up.

First was John Long, good to see you again buddy and it was great to see your wife, Jeanne again too! She actually entered the one hole tourney, isn't that great?! She had the guy beat in the 2nd game and I sure hope she sticks with it, I cant wait to hear how she is beating John on a consistent basis (no offense John), we need more ladies to play this great game!

Then it was Steve and Chicago Mike, then Mitch and Nick (Jakie) and then I got to meet 2 new members while we were playing king of the table, Peter Ghostine (onerock) from Florida, nice guy and looks to hit the balls real good. Hope to see you again Peter, maybe we can play some so I can donate to your tour! And met another Peter (from Germany) who seemed like a super nice guy and also met Jim Mcrary from Houston. Also heck of a nice guy and from what I saw can play some too! The wood on those cues are awful pretty Jim, take care and see you next time, hope to play some too!

Also saw a lot of my other buddies, Steve, Col Bille, Pilot Jim, Newkirk, Chicago Fats, Cal, JohninNH (glad you found your cue!), JR, Ben and also had the pleasure of meeting his wife Kristin, what a cute couple! By the way Ben, I knew how good you played but you keep impressing me more and more, keep it up man, way to play, I wish I could pocket balls like you! Also, always good to see my buddy John (jealous44) and his wife Ferra, another cute couple and they met playing pool! Good luck to you 2 if you make the move and sorry there's never enough time to hang out and/or play some pool. Played next to Bernie in round 2, and can't believe I didn't run into Jerry Matchin, sorry to have missed you and good playing sir, you always have a solid showing!

Also met Kaelin (kybanks), who although I didn't see play with my own eyes, heard he has a good game in both banks and one hole, maybe we can play sometime since we aren't too far apart, it was nice to meet you! Same with Chris (catkins) - I didn't get to see play but heard he plays well and it was nice to meet another west coaster, thanks for making the trip out this way, look forward to playing some in the future! Sorry I missed my buddy John Crabb, hope to see you again soon!

If I forgot to mention you, please forgive me, I have senior moments at 46 too, lol!

Also, nice representation from Bille and Mike this year, great guys and carry themselves well (on and off the table).

As far as my matches, round one I played a guy from Iowa named Dave Wagner. Super nice guy and looked like he just had an off day. He missed a few shots which led to me making some balls and getting out a few times. I played good and took it 3-0. by the way I told him about so hopefully he comes and signs up!

Second round I play John Morra on table 2 which had the stream camera set up, don't know if it was recording but geez I sure hope not! I already know going in I have no chance and maybe that's part of the problem. For some reason when I play these champs, I don't know if its nerves or what kind of mentalness takes over but I don't play my normal game and its hard to "settle in". I mean, he gave me shots, I just could not capitalize and dogged it, very frustrating. I hope to conquer this part of the game someday!

I buy back and round 3 I draw a guy fro Florida by the name of George McLaughlin. I noticed tat he won his first 2 matches but since I had not heard of him before, that will always make me play better (no mentalness to interfere right?) because I think I have a shot to win.

First game, I beat him to the shot and I run 6 (I am not a ball runner so this is top run for me at the dcc lol), and after that moment, I think I went brain dead. I literally have never played that bad of one hole in the past 3 years since I started playing again, it was unreal. I lost that game and the next 2, having multiple chances to win every game but gave them all away, I was so upset with myself! I was playing someone I felt I could beat and could no perform.

So after that loss and the fact that there are no tables to match up on in the casino (mistake on their part, I hope they change it next year), I grabbed some lunch, packed up and drove back home.

I am sorry to have missed the HOF dinner (and meeting your son Steve!) and to not have hung out for longer to get in on some of the fun after the tales did finally open up! I usually don't sweat the small stuff but I guess a bunch of stuff added up and got to me good.

See you guys on the flip side ~
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