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Originally Posted by jerry matchin View Post
Cincy, sorry I missed seeing you. I was battling a cold all week and tried to stay in the room AMAP for rest and not to infect any one else. I saw Steve Booth at the airport friday and we had a chance to talk about the event. For sure its a happening kinda like a "Pool Woodstock" for us older types. Greg Sullivan needs to figure out how to smoothen some things out. Clearly Greg has nothing to do with the remodel going on due to the river overflowing etc. but this tournament is so big now that the ability to practice and gamble is becoming very limited. Transportation costs also continue to be a problem and getting the events played in a timely manner continues to occur. The prize money is also an area thats going to require scrutiny. I like the fact he pays deep into the entries but the top money may not keep this international field spending an awful lot to come out and play. The action this year just didn't happen at all. Oh there were a few matches but no one could get tables to play on. That has to be fixed. Maybe the action award should go to the guys playing chess and backgammon. I love all my compadres and hope to see you all soon at our next gathering.
I don't know how much Greg has to say about the business end of it anymore, we talked last year for awhile like we always do, the pulse of the game so to speak. We have talked many times over the years, also I helped open and design his first Diamond table room in Denver, Rack Em in 93.

Now..............My feeling after chatting at DCC in he has stepped back, and just comes to enjoy what's been created and watch play.

I saw similar expansion problems at Janscos once the Carbondale IL SIU college kids found out about it going on in their backyard. It kept getting bigger-better every year....till the Treasury Dept raid.

What's happening now in pool world wide, play is increasing, tables are not as available and prices are starting to percolate with preexisting rooms.

Main problem all new/some old pool room owners have, unless they own the land, getting a space they can afford to pay rent on.
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