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Originally Posted by Jimmy B View Post
I think Dennis had it just right. I just disagree on how it should be handled. I thought it was handled appropriately and Dennis said he would have disqualified Shane from the entire tournament and ejected him from the premises, which I totally disagree with.
I said "I would've DQ'ed him from the match, the tournament and barred him from the building if he had done that in a tourney I was running."

He is a liar & cheat and I do not tolerate either very well, not in a poolroom or anywhere else.

The irony is that nobody except the 13 people who saw the match will ever know that it happened. A few people here and on the All-Zaniness site mentioned it but it's probably on page 10 over there by now. Most people seem to want to make excuses for him instead of calling it what it is.

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