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Originally Posted by darmoose View Post
I too like this rule. I saw the word "option" and was immediately interested. We are definitely on the right track. Now, if we just extend that option a little bit to ANY time there is a foul committed, I think we got it. What do ya think?
Darmoose, you have many great ideas for the development of alternative ways to play OP.
On your 'all foul' rule, this is my suggestion!
Start an entirely new thread specific to this one rule.
Depict the rule in writing. This can also be further adjusted as ideas transpires.
Be specific as to its application, so your intent is perfectly clear.
Be open minded and work through member's suggestions.

IMO there is a far difference in the development of a rule pertaining to an isolated scenario vs. the development of an alternative way to play the game. When you suggest to apply it to every foul, I then think of an alternative way to play.

I also like the option that Doc came up with!
What do you think Darmoose, start a new thread? Whitey

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