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Originally Posted by rnewkirk View Post
If you watch youtube 2019 DCC Billy Thorpe's matches, you will see the shot that this thread is about.

Billy is breaking. He miscues, sorta pushed the cue ball off to the left.(Billy is breaking for right hand pocket) Cue ball hits the end rail, has plenty of spin, goes off end rail and ends up in top right hand corner pocket.

My thoughts are that Jeromy Hanes, Billy's opponent, has to shoot from there.
Jeromy has a break shot of his own, now. Billy owes a ball, and the game goes on.

Advantage, Jeromy.

What happened after much off camera discussion, Jeromy took ball in hand and
he broke, starting new game.

No penalty assessed to Billy.

Watch match(right at first, 1st game), see if you do not agree.
after the video starts you will have to move it back to the beginning, thanks! rnewkirk.
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