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Originally Posted by BRLongArm View Post
Proposed remedy?
I do not get paid enough but one is to count balls and have the guy who makes more break hill hill. another is a shootout, no hill-hill games (this could also speed things up drastically if desired). watch one if you are up for it, they are pretty exciting: since it is one pocket you could do some sort of bank shootout, or get however creative you want with it.

the first one would be tough at small tournaments but i feel very doable at large, pro tournaments.

we could all come up with more, better alternatives, but I do not think we will. we probably should try though in my opinion.

in tennis they seem to have a very sophisticated tie break system. i can't say i fully understand it, but it emphasizes fairness, and assumes server will win or have a great advantage. that should be our baseline as well... so how can we allow the guy who breaks "win" or have the advantage every time? in tennis, the first guy serves once, then they each serve twice until someone wins by two. no good for one pocket but just the thought they put into it is the point.

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