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Default "Bugs" More talent then any man should be allowed!

Leonard "Bugs" Rucker had more natural talent for pool than any player I’ve ever seen! Here's a man that played his entire career with a house cue off the rack, or, borrowed someone else’s. Can you imagine what kind of spot that is starting off every session, maybe 2-3 balls!

Playing for BIG money, he had NO fear; he never refused to play anyone EVEN banks and mostly 1 pocket too. Bugs traveled the entire countryside playing, so that hometown Chicago thing never applied to him! I can't tell you how many times we would run into each other on the road, as being true scuffs, we would just nod to each other and try to get down a bet!

I remember back in the mid 70's I was called to come to DC, to play "George the Greek" 3 cushion, he was high roller! Bugs was already there playing Ervolino 1 pocket 8-7, Bugs had a BIG dope dealer killer,"Melvin Williams" as his backer. BTW, Johnny beat him that day.

I'm not sure, but, I believe Bugs, Nick Varner and Eddie Taylor are the only players who are in the Bank and One Pocket Hall of Fame!

Bill Smith “Mr3Cushion”
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